Medical Foot Care is for those who can not take care of their feet due to foot disease or impaired body functions in general.
Ex weak hands, difficult to bend down and the like. The cost is VAT exempt by the Swedish Tax Agency.

FOOT CARE partial treatment max 30 min
Focus on occasional problems, for example when you are in pain from corns, nail cramps or only want to cut your nails and the like.

Foot care as wellness  is for those who take foot care as beauty care or to increase the general well-being.
Deductible for the employer and salary benefit for the employee. The treatment is subject to VAT.

Foot care includes about 50 min

  • foot status and soothing foot bath
  • treatment of calluses, cracks, corns, nail cramps, fungus and other nail care as needed.

Of course, advice on care, choice of shoes and improvements to existing shoes are included, as well as other treatments that can be helpful for healthy feet.
The treatment ends with a comfortable foot & lower leg massage.


Before you apply to the health center with nail biting, you should come to me. I can release what presses into the nail fold and causes the discomfort or pain. Sometimes a nail correction is needed to help the rolled-up nail grow straighter. There are a few different methods to do this, depending on the nail.

Treatment of warts with an adapted method, among other things

  • dehydration with VERRUTOP® which consists of acids that lead to dehydration of the wart tissue
  • freezing to -95 C
  • desiccants ex ACETOCAUSTIN




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