Tactile stimulation

is a soft massage that is given as slow, conscious and firm strokes on the body in a certain structure.
You become embedded under towels and blankets, and only the body part to be touched is exposed. You keep your underpants on.

The treatment is given with vegetable oils and to relaxing melodies and takes about 45 minutes.

The purpose of Tactile Stimulation is to release the well-being hormone oxytocin through touch, which has a number of positive effects on health.

Touch is fundamental to the organization of nerves in the body. When the skin is touched, the activity in the part of the brain that conveys sensory impressions to other parts of the brain increases.
The effects of touch and increased oxytocin in the bloodstream are many; peace and quiet, pain relief, increased curiosity, reduced aggression, increased weight gain for underweight children and adults, increased opportunity for communication / greater social ability, less aggression, more effective learning, better circulation in the brain - which improves memory, increased immune system, accelerates healing of ulcers, lowers blood pressure, raises the pain threshold, improved gastrointestinal function and increased quality of life.
Touch is the most effective way to lower cortisol levels and thus stress in the body.

Another important task touch has is to make sure that you get a good body image, that you know where each body part begins and ends. If the body perception is good, we get a clearer body language and the communication becomes clearer. With improved body perception, the self-esteem and initiative also improve.

Touch strengthens emotional bonds between individuals, creates greater security and trust, reduces aggression, increases feelings of love and joy in dealing with the environment.

Touch is, in short, one of our most important instinctive and human needs.

Please book in person, by email or phone. Not online.