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Valid from 1 September 2019
Price in () is the pensioner price.

services Award
Educations at AWACE Educations Ming Niku
Consciousness Development Program for Health, Consciousness and 2nd Lifestyle with Zhineng Qigong System (CDZNQG), Level 1 / Level 2 SEK 11,900 / academic year
Integral Craniosacral Therapy Biodynamics undergraduate and continuing education (JL-CST), seminar SEK 6,595 / 5 days, SEK 1,800 / day
Workshops between seminars SEK 2450/2 days, SEK 1350 / day
Hunyuan Consciousness retreat with Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu SEK 2,800 / 4-days, SEK 1,350 / day
Student clinic, educations by AWACE Educations Ming Niku
Craniosacral therapy, Supervised student treatment, new and return visits, 60 minutes 550 kr
Craniosacral therapy, student treatment, new and return visits, 60 minutes SEK 350 (SEK 300)
Accessibility clinic, offer of different therapists
New and return visit, 60 minutes 550 kr
Self-help and training
Qigong training sessions in rehab, consciousness and health, an activity of collective support (WACCII) rec. ca. SEK 150 / pass
Medical & Classic Foot Care
Annikka Rosman, Anitha Nyström Dipl Medical Podiatrists
Member of the Podiatrists, Holds treatment injury insurance
Medical Foot Care, pensioner +65 and youth under 18, about 50 min 560 kr
Medical Foot Care 50 min (does not apply to wellness) 585 kr
Medical foot care, partial treatment about 20 min, nail tightness, corns etc 380 kr
Foot care as wellness - for you with wellness allowance 730 kr
Varnishing of the toenails in connection with foot care 60 kr
Varnishing of toenails, only 350 kr
Spring treatment with Verrutop 450 kr
Freezing of warts -90C 450 kr
Relief with silicone 350 kr
 Reliefs in connection with foot care from SEK 10
Foot & lower leg massage 30 min 380 kr
Foot SPA, about 45 min 550 kr
Foot SPA + Medical Foot Care approx. 110 min 985 kr
Waxing, half legs 465 kr
Waxing, whole legs 645 kr
Waxing, upper lip and / or chin 295 kr
Coloring of lashes & eyebrows incl picking 425 kr
Dyeing of lashes 230 kr
Coloring of eyebrows incl picking 250 kr
Anitha Nyström
Dipl Classic Swedish massage, Lymphatic masseur, SPA therapist
Lymphatic massage 90 min 890 kr
Classic massage / cupping, 60/90 min 680/890 kr
Facial treatment with Phytomare or Aloe Vera products 30 min 380 kr
Combination treatments give a SEK 100 discount.
Annikk Rosman
Therapist in Tactile Stimulation
Tactile Stimulation, about 55 min 690 kr
Tactile Stimulation 5 times, advance purchase SEK 3,000 (order SEK 3,450)
Galvanic SPA - Facial treatment, 30 min 475 kr
Galvanic SPA - Facial treatment, 30 min, 3 times, advance purchase SEK 1,280 (order SEK 1,425)
Ming Niku, B.Sc., MA, MBA
Founder & educator at Hunyuan Consciousness Science Center and Jin Luo Institute of Integral Craniosacral Therapy (AWACE)
Aukt Craniosacral Therapist, Health and Life Coach, Cert TCM Therapist, Dipl Medical Yoga Therapist
Member of the Craniosacral Therapists Association, and the Craniosacral Therapists Association for Horses
Holds treatment damage insurance, also for animals
New and return visit 60 minutes SEK 1,050 (SEK 1,000)
New and return visit, 90 minutes SEK 1,700 (SEK 1,650)
Return visit, 45 minutes SEK 850 (SEK 800)
Treatment of animals SEK 1050 / hour
Home visits, incl. treatment on horseback, plus travel hours and mileage / travel expenses SEK 1050 / hour
Ewa Snidare
Craniosacral Therapist, Dipl. Rosenmetoden Therapist, Dipl. Intuitive Therapist
Craniosacral therapy, New visit & return visit 60 minutes SEK 850 (SEK 800)
Craniosacral therapy, return visit 90 minutes SEK 1,275 (SEK 1,225)
Rose method, Intuitive therapy, new visits and return visits, 60 min 700 kr (650 kr)
Mats Näslund
Graduated masseur, craniosacral therapist
Holds treatment damage insurance
Classic massage, new visits and return visits 60 min 700 kr (650 kr)
Classic massage with craniosacral therapy balancing new and return visit 90 min SEK 1,200 (SEK 1,150)
Craniosacral therapy, new visits and return visits 60 min SEK 800 (SEK 750)
Craniosacral therapy, return visit 90 min SEK 1,200 (SEK 1,150)
Roya Saniei
Hunyuan Qi Therapist, Mentor in Health, Consciousness and 2nd Lifestyle, Zhineng Qigong Instructor
Zhineng Qigong training class 950 kr / 8 times
Ulrika Henningsson
Dipl craniosacral therapist
Member of the Craniosacral Therapists Association
Craniosacral therapy, new visits and return visits 60 minutes SEK 800 (SEK 750)
Craniosacral therapy, return visit 90 minutes SEK 1,200 (SEK 1,150)
Yuantong Liu
Zhineng Qigong Master, Founder of Int'l NPL Program, Hunyuan Consciousness Development Program, Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program and Zhineng Qigong Master Program
Private healing session, 30 minutes 1200 kr
Medi Yoga
Anitha Nyström, Mediyoga instructor
Mediyoga Private lesson 90 min 900 kr
Medi yoga in groups, 15 times semester evening 2850 kr
Mediyoga in groups, 15 times semester Seniors & day off 2150 kr
Drop in, subject to availability 220 kr
Drop in, subject to availability, Seniors & Day off 180 kr
Registered for F-tax
Gift Cards
A guaranteed appreciated gift / gift / Christmas present to loved ones, friends, acquaintances, employers, employees and more.
For the value of the gift card, the recipient can then choose freely from services with us at Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter AB.
Instruction of buying gift cards
Buy directly at the reception
With a card payment or cash payment, also Swish to 123 033 6172 (Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter AB), you can buy gift cards / wellness agreements at our reception. The reception is open all working days, including certain public holidays. Contact us at or 08-36 75 72 in advance.
Pay to Bankgiro and get gift cards sent home
You can easily buy gift cards by paying the desired amount to Bankgirot: 722-1179 (Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter AB), enter your name, phone number, address, e-mail address, and 'gift card', or 'fitness agreement'.
We will send you a receipt by e-mail and a numbered gift card by letter according to the specified address information.
wellness Contract
You can use your wellness money for all our services by buying a wellness agreement, with a sum you want, in the same way as buying a gift card.
You will receive a wellness agreement number from after the purchase. You sign for every service you take with us.












Payment method

Card, cash, swish or invoice.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. In addition to emergency and emergency cases, missed service is charged with 100 % price.

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