WACCII - Contribution Circle

Receive and pass on!

In our educational organization Wisdom & Ability Educations, we have a collective support system that we call WACCII - Wisdom and Ability Contribution Circle Integral. We encourage exploration, experiences and sharing and contributing for someone else. Revenues are reported annually at the end of each year, to also continue health-promoting and life-supporting activities in the following year. Part of the proceeds will be used to support the publication in English of literature by Dr. Pang Heming (Pang Ming) in Theories of Consciousness and Zhineng Qigong's scientific system from the 1990s.

Current activities belong to WACCII:

Thursdays 10.00-11.30 Rehab, health and consciousness training with Zhineng Qigong

Accessibility clinic, with favorable price for treatments, SEK 550.

Workshops and courses from our education W&A Educations: Hunyuan Consciousness Science Center and Jin Luo Institute of Integral Craniosacral Therapy

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