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Thomas Karlstrøm

“I have had problems with recurring back pain, back shots and sciatica, as well as inflammation of the elbows and knees since the 90s.
I received tips on Ming Niku´'s craniosacral therapy. Today all the problems have been dealt with and now I only go there to entertain. ”

Cecilia R

What a wonderful feeling in the body afterwards (1st Craniosacral treatment). Lighter as well. Already on the way to the train, I realized that I could breathe with my stomach. All of a sudden I could take real breaths. So strange that you do not think about it until you know it.

Even my hips feel so much better. Not at all as tight. You asked if I injured my pelvis / hip when I was younger. Have cycled a lot (both in the woods and on asphalt) in recent years and have fallen a lot when I use shoes with clips. Could it have been that I had a crush there?


Chronic conditions can be treated!

Not only symptoms, but the cause of health conditions can be treated and improved with complementary medicine. Even so-called chronic conditions do not have to be. Give us a chance to help you with our therapies but also help for self-help.

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We have try treatments at our open houses, e.g. month of Spånga Wellness at Spånga Saltrum.
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