Our team and our competencies in complementary medicine work on several levels, such as body, mind and soul. We use proven working methods and programs to achieve optimal health in most areas.

Ewa Snidare

Integral craniosacral therapist

Ewa´'s mission is to work with what lies beneath the surface on all levels, all that is broken and thereby makes man to a higher balance in himself, and to see himself from a new perspective and other light, with her full potential and capacity.
Ewa has 20 years of experience in body therapies.

Ming Niku

B.Sc (Math.), MA (Economy), MBA, Aukt. CranioSacral Therapist for Humans and Animals, Educators

I believe that everyone has an innate right and power to a dignified life, to always be able to feel good and feel better. I love being able to offer my support for opportunities for change for others by integrating various fantastic forms of therapy with holistic development of awareness for better health and better life.

Anitha Nyström

Medical Podiatrist, Mediyoga Therapist, Lymphologist

Att få arbeta med olika människor med dagliga möten är otroligt roligt. Mitt mål är att få mina kunder att må så bra som möjligt. Vara 100% delaktig. Eftersom jag är intresserad av helheten och välmåendet hos mina kunder innebär…

Mats Näslund

Certified masseur and craniosacral therapist

Jag tror att kroppen alltid strävar efter balans på alla plan. Så när jag ger massage eller kraniosakral behandling har jag alltid intentionen att stödja kroppens längtan till en friskare kropp.

Ulrika Henningsson

Certified craniosacral therapist

Craniosacral therapy is a fantastic treatment method, which has given me wonderful meetings and personal development on all levels. I want to spread that!

Annikka Rosman / Rosmans Friskvård

Medical Podiatrist and Tactile Therapist

I have a genuine interest in helping people to better physical and foot health. Saddled up and trained as a certified Medical Podiatrist in 2004. It is rewarding to meet people of all ages and life situations in my treatment chair.