Integral craniosacral therapist

Ewa´'s mission is to work with what lies beneath the surface on all levels, all that is broken and thus makes man to a higher balance in himself, and see himself from a new perspective and other light, with his full potential and capacity.Ewa has 20 years of experience in body therapies.

* Craniosacral Therapist by Nagi Iscander
* Intuitive Body Therapist, Axelsson's Gymnastics Institute
* Several courses in the Rosen method, Axelssons
* Basic education Reflexology, Axelssons
* Basic education Acupressure, Axelsson
* Integral Craniosacral Therapy, Ming Niku
* Craniosacral Therapy Barn, Nagi Iscander, Africa
* Quantum physics, mentor education, Bröderna Tranbergs Institut / Universal Heart
* Master Lius education.

Experience & Competence
* 20 years of experience working with body therapies
* Body therapies in treatment homes in El Salvator.
* Led pastoral care groups Al Saints Church Katarina parish.
* Family constellations, Swedish Hellinger Institute, Crete.