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Kroniska tillstånd kan få hjälpas!

Not only symptoms, but the cause of diseases can be helped to improve with complementary medicine. Even so-called chronic conditions do not have to be. Give us a chance to help you with our therapies also self-help tools.

Bargain price! Try Integral Craniosacral Treatment!

Vi har handledda elevbehandlingar i Kraniosakralterapi till specialpris 550 kr, och elevbehandling utan handledning 350 kr (pensionärpris 300 kr) .
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Self Help

Relaxed, light, enjoyable and happy are the key to the best effects
Demo Zhineng Qigong method Wall Squat by Ming Niku

Do it daily for about 3 weeks, 30 per day.

Consult us so that you can train it to the best effects you are after, by:

- Email:
- Come to our Thursday Qigong rehab training, at 10-11.30
- At your next booked treatment in Integral Craniosacral Therapy
- Come to one of our workshops, courses or retreats from the Hunyuan Conscience Science Center at our training center