Gift cards and wellness money

Gift cards & Wellness money


We sell our esteemed gift cards and wellness agreements that can be used for all services within Spånga Friskvård och Hälsocenter.

When you book services, enter the gift card number or fitness agreement number when booking.
You will take the gift card with you when you come to us.
If you have a wellness agreement, you only need to go to booked services.
There you can also see how much money is left for later use.

It is easy to buy gift cards and fitness agreements with us:

- Buy directly at the reception

- For a card payment or cash payment, also Swish to 123 033 6172 (Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter AB), you can buy gift cards / wellness agreements at our reception. The reception is open all working days, including certain public holidays. Contact us at or 08-36 75 72 in advance.

- Pay to Bankgiro or Swish and get the gift card sent home.
You can easily buy a gift card / Wellness agreement by paying the desired amount to our Bankgiro:
722-1179 (Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter AB), or Swish to 123 033 6172 (Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter AB),
enter your name, phone number, address, e-mail address, and 'gift card', or 'fitness agreement'.

When we see the payment and all information on the bank account, we will send you a receipt via e-mail corresponding to the amount you have paid.
At the same time, we send the gift card via email according to the specified address information from the bank.
If you buy a wellness agreement with your wellness money, we will register a wellness agreement number for you with us, which you can use later.
The receipt you receive will show your gift card number or fitness agreement number.

- Order via e-mail and get a gift card sent home.
You can order gift cards / fitness agreements via e-mail with the desired address and invoicing information. Then you will receive an invoice via e-mail. After payment, we will send you gift cards / fitness agreements via email.


  • weekdays:9.00-17.00
  • holidays:according to. agreement

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