This conference is organized with the mission of creating a platform for the leading Zhineng Qigong Science teachers and offering an opportunity to exchange knowledge, research and views based on Prof. Pang Ming’s ground-breaking theories and teachings, while simultaneously introducing them to the interested public.

After Conference Retreat 2nd-6th September 2020, Cyprus, with 5 Zhineng Qigong Masters from China, one day one Master, unique opportunity.

See more the Conference website:

From Hunyuan Consciousness Science Center in Stockholm, Sweden we are organizing as a group going together, and even running a mini-workshop at the Conference.

The theme of the mini-workshop is: The New Paradigm of Human Life: Survival, Live or Thriving in Life? The Art of Thriving in Present Life Is the Perfect Initiative Consciously-aware Intention (PICAI).

Ming is one of the speaker at the Conference with the presentation: Modern Scientific Systems Thinking – The Significance of the Philosophy of Three-Level Substance and Zhineng Qigong Science in Human Life

Contact us if you are interested in attending the conference and your interest of joint running the mini-workshop. Ask Ming Niku for a coupon code which entitles you a 20 euro discount while you register and purchase conference ticket online through the website of the Conference:

Conference Venue: Aphrodite Beach Hotel Cyprus Rigenas 62, Polis Crysochous, Cyprus

Welcome to participate the Conference!

Ming Niku, Hunyuan Consciousness Science Center at Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter